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How is your website performing? Compare your website’s performance to your competitors and peers with ClickTale’s 2013 Global Web Analytics Benchmarks Report.  For this report, ClickTale leveraged aggregated data captured from thousands of websites to create the industry’s most comprehensive guide on website performance

Benchmarks Metrics

This data and invaluable analysis allow you to compare your performance and find key areas to improve as well as show management what is done well.  

Here is what you’ll get by downloading the free report::

    • Global summary of Bounce Rate, Time on Page and Scroll Reach
    • Breakdown of web analytics benchmarks by country and industry
    • Analysis of eCommerce metrics by website traffic
    • Insights on increasing active time on page and reducing Bounce Rate

The report relies on proprietary and robust data that is collected by ClickTale. Fill out the form to take advantage of this free offer.