97% of your customers don't convert. How much do you know about their experience across your digital properties?

We need to start thinking about conversion differently. We need to move away from the idea that conversion is a single action – to purchase or not. Conversion is a journey influenced by experience.

We need to look beyond conversion and unlock the power of digital body language.

Download the definitive guide to digital body language to learn:

  • Why we have no choice but to think about conversion differently
  • How to redefine experience: shifting from a conversion rate to conversion cycle
  • What digital body language is
  • How we can interpret digital body language to reveal mindset and intent
  • The five mindsets of visitor behavioral patterns
  • How these mindsets correlate to conversion
  • How to make the most of every digital interaction

By using experience analytics that combines data and cognitive intelligence, businesses can gather rich insight into their customers’ digital body language. Interpreting this allows us to identify patterns and anomalies to infer customer behavior, mindset and intent. This human insight layer enables us to deliver superior digital experiences and better business outcomes.

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Clicktale® taps into the wisdom and behavior of millions of visitors to help businesses deliver amazing digital experiences to their customers. Our unique behavioral data, clear visualizations, and world-class customer experience expertise give enterprises concrete answers to their critical questions so they can                                                                             maximize success on every digital channel.