Side-by-Side Heatmaps

February 5, 2014 3:00pm CET/ 2:00pm EST

Join ClickTale's Customer Experience Consultant Esther Shatz for a 30-minute webinar about the new ClickTale Side-by-Side Heatmaps – what they look like, how they interacts with and how they can help you optimize your website for more profitability!

Do you segment your visitors but cannot visualize how each group interacts with your pages?

Do you run A/B tests but don't really know why visitors reacted differently to each version?

Do you want to be able to compare visitors' interactions before and after specific design changes?

Don't miss this opportunity to watch our Customer Experience Consultant demonstrate ClickTale's Side-by-Side Heatmaps and learn how they can work for you!


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Esther Shatz is ClickTale's customer-experience consultant.
working for many Fortune-500 companies. Esther has years of experience in the industry, including in online marketing and PPC and search campaigns for a variety of international customers.